About SciNotes

I dream of a world that shares a culture of transparency, collaboration, and communication. I believe that open sharing will strengthen society, advance technology, and lead economic growth and prosperity. It is my life’s work to contribute towards this vision.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Pounds and I run this site. On these pages, you’ll find free summaries from a variety of scientific journal articles. Consider it the “SparkNotes” for scientific literature. You can use the search function at the top left-hand corner or browse menu item to look through summaries of journal articles.

The Goals of This Site:
  • Increase the accessibility of scientific literature to the public;
  • Replace complex jargon with easy-to-understand text;
  • Support an academic culture shift towards collaboration rather than competition;
  • Support the Open Educational Resource movement;
  • Provide a platform for scientific collaboration.

My personal interests lie in aquaculture, fisheries, ocean science, cost-benefit analysis, business, economics, human nutrition, and athletic performance. Because I am currently the main contributor, most of the posts revolve around these topics; however, no scientific topic is off-limits.

Community Contributions

Contributors are welcome to submit summaries around any topics, not just the ones listed. All contributions are voluntary and will be copyrighted under the website’s creative commons license. To read more about this copyright, please click here.

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